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Advice for the Visitor

  • Do not hire any tourism services on the street but only in an authorized travel agency.
  • Make copies of your passport, travel tickets and credit card numbers, and consider leaving your personal documents at your hotel and taking copies with you.
  • Ask where the insecure areas are in each city you visit and try to avoid them, especially at night. Also ask about the best hours to visit tourist attractions.
  • Bring warm clothing for highland and mountainous areas, light clothing for the jungle, and a combination for the coastal deserts and inter-Andean valleys, where there is a significant diurnal temperature range.
  • When you visit archaeological sites that are distant from the city, don’t stray beyond the authorized trails and respect visiting hours. .
  • Take care when changing money – stick to bureaus de change or banks, and be sure to ask for your receipt.
  • Never accept requests to carry baggage or packages from strangers – it is better to be impolite than to expose yourself to situations with potentially drastic consequences. Also do not leave your baggage in the care of strangers – if necessary, ask security personnel for assistance.
  • Check timetables in advance and avoid hassles and extra costs. Be aware of check in / check out times, departure and return times for excursions, the first and last services for public transport, and the closing times for offices, shops, etc.
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