Will promote visits to the Sabancaya Volcano

The Sabancaya Volcano will become the tourist attraction of the Colca Valley, Arequipa.

The intense seismic activity and volcanic fumaroles that records a few weeks Sabancaya volcano, located in the of the Colca Valley, turn it into a tourist attraction in the area, reported the municipal authority of the place. Elmer Caceres Llica, mayor of the Caylloma province, said after receiving the report of Institute of Geology, Mining and Metallurgy (Ingemmet) on the situation of Sabancaya was decided to invite domestic and foreign tourists to visit the area to observe the volcano is in a pre-eruptive phase.
After receiving the report of Ingemmet,mayor of the Caylloma province, in coordination with the Regional Office of Foreign Trade and Tourism decided to promote pre eruptive phase of the volcano as a tourist attraction in the area between the tourist agencies.

Patapampa observatory was designated as official viewpoint for this activityfor that reason three telescopes will be installed to be acquired by the municipality of Caylloma. The observatory is located at the entrance road to the town of Chivay, capital of the province. With tourism promotion that the authorities made ​​expected to increase in tourists due to strong interest in domestic and foreign visitors to closely observe the pre eruption of a volcano.

The Sabancaya is a volcano that is located in the jurisdiction of Maca district in the province of Arequipa Caylloma. From the half of February began issuing volcanic gases and days after increased seismic activity and volcanic emissions fumarólicas.

Currently, the volcano is monitored from the base camp located in the area known as Sallalli, 12 kilometers from the crater of Sabancaya where Ingemmet staff with the latest equipment, monitors their behavior. (Andean).