• The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, on March 10 of this year, to mark the successful completion of the program "Al turista lo Nuestro 2015" distinguished from other establishments at Kuntur Wassi Hotel with and important diploma and a trophy, to promote sustainable tourism in the Colca Canyon.

    Hotel managers thanks them the significant distinction and promised to continue with your efforts for contributing to the development of tourism in this part of the Arequipa.

    By Walter Tinta Junco.
    The appeals of the magnificent Colca Canyon are like hidden treasures that keep on showing up as we explore its infinite depths. In recent walks in April 2014 and guided by Eloy Cacya --known as the “angel of Colca”--, the geological engineer Walter Tinta and Francisco Tinta discovered ancient ways and paths of the pre-inca times. These roads lead you from the hillsides of the

  • The Sabancaya Volcano will become the tourist attraction of the Colca Valley, Arequipa.

    The intense seismic activity and volcanic fumaroles that records a few weeks Sabancaya volcano, located in the of the Colca Valley, turn it into a tourist attraction in the area, reported the municipal authority of the place. Elmer Caceres Llica, mayor of the Caylloma province, said after receiving the report of Institute of Geology, Mining and Metallurgy (Ingemmet) on the

  • The native chronicler Guaman Poma in his work Nueva Crónica y Buen Gobierno, bringd to light a very eloquent engraving entitled DEPOCITO OF INGA COLLCA. This engraving tells us that the Colca served as a warehouse (or a desposit) for food, wool, cotton dresses, among other products such as tools or weapons.These items that served as a reserve to supplement the needs of the population during times of droughts, wars, or other calamities. The engraving also shows that the administrator or