Tourist Circuits

The Majestic Condor

In the “Cruz del Condor” one can see the condors in all their splendor, in flight or perched nearby.

Kallimarca Ruins

An important ruin from the culture of the Wari Empire, it is found on top of two knolls (Hatun Kallimarca and Huchui Kallimarca) behind Cabanaconde. From the site of the ruins one is also greeted by great views of Cabanaconde and the snow-peaked mountain Hualca Hualca.

The “Cruz del Condor”

The Cruz del Condor (Condor Crossing) is the main touristic attraction in the Colca. It is a good viewpoint where one can take in all of the beauty of the Colca Valley.

The Oasis of Sangalle
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The Oasis is a relaxing rest stop for the traveler. It subtropical climate makes its many swimming pools well welcomed.

Ampato Volcano

The imposing volcano, with 6318m of elevation at its peak, is where the tomb of the mommy Juanita was found.

Lake Mucurca

Lake Mucura is found at an altitude nearly 4350 meters above sea level. The volcanic mountains of Hualca Hualca, Sabancaya, and Ampato surround its location, in the district of Cabanaconde.

To arrive at the lake one must take a truck leaving from Cabanaconde for a trip of two hours. Once at the lake the presence of flamingos and many other exotic bird species amplifies the amazing views.